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10 tips to protect your surfboard

Surfboards are delicate things and easy to damage. Run ins with staircases, doors and other surfboards are common so be…

How to choose your surfboard

Choosing a surfboard is not an easy task if you don’t know what you are looking for. There are quite…

Surfboard design (2)

In our previous article we described the most common design elements in surfboard shaping like length, width and thickness.  But…

How surfboards are made

Surfboards are made from many materials and with a variety of tools. Foam, shaping machines, resin and lots of hours…

Uncommon types of surfboards

There are many different types of boards in the world today. From the old Alaia board to the modern thruster…

Common types of surfboards

There are many types of surfboards, all shaped to suit a specific type of wave or ability of a surfer….

Surfboard designs & more

If you are tired of your plain, boring white surfboard, there are many ways to breathe some life into it….

How to remove a traction pad

Removing the traction pad from your board can be very hard and you could damage your board. Do it slowly and…

Types of surfboard leashes

There are many different surfboard leashes of varying lengths and thicknesses.  Generally they fall into these five categories: 1 REGULAR…

Surfboard leash guide

A surfboard leash is a long rope that is attached to your surfboard and your leg. With a leash your…

Common mistakes with wax

Waxing a board is pretty straight forward as long as you know what you are doing and have the right…

How to apply wax

Waxing your surfboard is essential. It stops you from sliding off your board and gives grip while lying on your…

Surf wax guide

Surfboards are slippery when wet. It is almost impossible to stand up on a wet surfboard. That’s why there is…

Surfboard ding repair guide

At some point in our surfing lives we will all need to do some basic surfboard ding repair. Whatever happens, always…

Fin systems guide

When it comes to removable fins there are many different manufacturers and fin systems on the market. Every fin system…

Fin design guide

Fins have a huge impact on the feel, stability, drive and maneuverability of the board. If you are unsure about…

Fin set ups

There are countless fin setup possibilities and each different setup changes the way a board responds and turns. Also the…

Surfboard fins

Surfboard fins come in all sizes and shapes and types of flexibility. Fins provide stability and maneuverability and help you to…

Surfboard packing tips for flying

If you are traveling around the world looking for perfect waves, there is a good chance that you have experienced…

Surfboard design (1)

Surfboards come in lots of different shapes and sizes. When it comes to design of a surfboard there are many…

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