10 Tips to Get Fit & Surf Better

There are many different ways to improve your surfing performance. Of course the best way is to surf regularly but you can focus on other activities outside the water. Cross training or regular exercises are great for improving your stamina and endurance. Living a healthy lifestyle can increase your energy level and make you feel more positive and fit.

From eating the right food till studying yourself with video footage, here are ten tips on how you can improve your surfing and your overall physical and mental shape:


If you want to surf faster and stronger, you will have to do extra exercises. Cross training, weight training, intense cardio or even yoga for more flexibility and balance are great workouts for improving your fitness and surfing performance.


Swiss balls are great to build strength in all of the small, secondary muscles and ligaments that are so important for surfers. They are numerous exercises you can do to improve your strength and balance.

Swiss ball exercise
Swiss ball exercise


Surfers need a lot of upper body strength. Strong shoulders, strong arms and good firm chest muscles are necessary for frequent paddling. Strengthen the muscles you use for surfing but also work on the opposing muscle groups in your back.


The core is the base of your body’s strength. Core strength is essential for balancing on a surfboard, since turns and maneuvers involve frequent twisting and rotating of your body.


Yoga surfers
Yoga surfers

A commitment to yoga, pilates or stretching has wide ranging benefits for your overall physical health, not just your surfing performance. It keeps your muscles loose and flexible.


Try to get out of your comfort zone. Try another surf spot, surf another board, surf without a leash or even try to surf switchfoot. All these will help you to push yourself harder and will bring new energy to your surfing.


Your knees and lower back are important areas you need to keep stretching and moving. Strengthen your lower body’s strength, stability and endurance with specific exercises, biking or yoga.


If the waves are flat and you still want to feel that rush of generating speed, carving on the open wave face and practice re-entries, get yourself a skate board to skate in a park or on the streets.


Looking at footage of yourself might be quite confronting, but it is definitely a good way to look at your mistakes and the things you wish to improve. You can study your turns, your arms, how you shift your weight and so on. Also look at other surfers how they move and use their body. This is a great way to improve your surfing technique.


Eating healthy food will increase your energy levels. Avoid processed food and focus on fruits, veggies and whole grains. Focus on carbs before your surf session and protein directly after.


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