5 Tips for Better Duckdiving

I think we all can agree that not every duckdive we do is perfect. The ocean is in constant motion and not every wave is the same. Duckdiving is a hard skill to master and it takes time and practice.

Here are 5 tips on how you can improve your duckdive:


The key to a good duckdive is speed. You need good forward momentum so try to attack the upcoming wave. Approach it forcefully and quickly with plenty of paddling speed.

Try to improve your paddling technique and paddle as efficient as possible.


Good timing is key. It’s important that you don’t start too early or too late. Also after a while you will notice that different waves require different duckdives. A whitewash duckdive won’t require you to go as steep and as deep as a big clean 5 ft set. Try to practice and experiment in the water with different techniques.


If you are trying to duckdive under big waves it can help if you keep your eyes open. You can navigate through easier patches and encounter less force.


Try to work with the wave and let the circular motion of the wave help you re-surface on the other side. If done correctly it will feel almost effortless.


If you are really deep a frog kick can really help you propel back to the surface. Try one good strong kick with your legs and let yourself float.

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