5 Ways to Improve Your Surfing

We all would love to be a better surfer, be able to catch waves more consistently, make every turn and aerial maneuver. In the end it’s all about practice, practice and practice…However there are actually some things activities beside surfing you can do, that will help you to improve your surfing. You will become a better, stronger and more stylish surfer.

Here are 5 tips that makes you feel better, stronger and more confident in the water:


If you want to feel better and improve your performance in the water, there’s no better tip than to take care of what you put into your body. Cut out or reduce foods like alcohol, junk food and/or processed food altogether. You will feel better and your energy levels will increase.


The core is the base of your body’s strength. Start a fitness routine at your local gym or do exercises at home with a swiss ball or indo board. You can even do yoga or pilates for half an hour a day.


If the waves are flat and you still want to feel that rush of generating speed, carving on the open wave face and making re-entries, get yourself a skateboard and go ‘sidewalk-surfing’.


Before starting any exercise it’s important to warm up. The body works more efficiently when you are warm and a good warm up can make an injury less likely. Also try to make a habit of a good post stretch routine to get the contracted muscle groups back to their normal length. It will also help to alleviate potential soreness.


If you really serious about improving your surfing, try to get out of your comfort zone. Try another surf spot, surf another board, surf without a leash or even try to surf switchfoot. All these will help you to push yourself harder and will bring new energy to your surfing.

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