5 Ways to Improve Your Turns

We all want to take our surfing to the next level. We want to surf faster, make sharper turns, spray more water and look more stylish. The good thing of surfing that it always has something new to discover and that you are progressing with each new surfing experience.

Here’s 5 quick and easy tips to improve your turns:


Try to stay as low and as compressed as possible when you go into the turn. Surf with your knees together. Bending your knees will give you better balance and allows you a faster change of direction. You will better absorb the rough sections and you will be able to spring out of your bottom and top turns with more power.


When you are uncompressing don’t stand up too straight. Always keep your knees bend and stay in a low crouch position for better balance and control.


Try to start your bottom turn not too far in the flats. If you begin your turn a little bit earlier you will generate much more speed and drive. This can help you perform an even more radical next move.


Lot of surfers take of too far on the shoulder and this will result in a poor first turn. You generate much more speed by taking off on the peak or behind the peak.


Don’t forget to fully rotate your head through the turn. Your upper body, hips and board will automatically follow resulting in sharper and completer turns.

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