Bonzer Surfboards: Everything You Need To Know

Surf-ice to say, surfing with a Bonzer is always an awesome experience.

When I was in college in Australia, I loved spending the weekends traveling. If I wasn’t hiking or backpacking, I was definitely surfing the incredible waves of Bondi Beach in Sydney. Having picked the hobby from my dad, I had brought along one of his Bonzer surfboards; the Bonzer 3D. I have used many surfboards in my time, but I almost always gravitate towards the Campbell Brothers Bonzer collection, mainly because they are comfortable and have an outstanding balance, even when the swells are huge. So, what can you expect from a typical Bonzer surfboard, and are they really worth the fuss?

What is a Bonzer Surfboard?

Bonzer surfboards refer to a type of surfboard that has three or five fins. With this, the boards get a single large fin and it is accompanied by 2 or 4 smaller fins. Due to the number of fins and their placement on the surfboard, bonzers are known to deliver incredible momentum, stability, and maneuverability to surfers. They are excellent for surfing massive waves, but they may not particularly deliver as much speed and agility as you would get from a thruster or gun surfboard.

The bonzer surfboard concept was developed by the Campbell brothers in the 1970s and their surfboards continue to dominate the surfing scene and provide fantastic experiences to users.

What are the different Bonzer Surfboard designs?

When it comes to surfboards, the bonzer is a design in and of itself. There are 5 major types of surfboard designs, and bonzer is one of them. There are several unique characteristics of bonzer surfboards that set them apart from the rest, and they are outlined in the section below.

6 x 7.5 inches center fin

One of the reasons why this surfboard is as stable and agile as it is is the fact that it has a considerably large center fin. With it, you can be able to surf large waves with a good amount of stability, even as a beginner. The center fin is also ideal for creating and maintaining momentum so that massive waves do not slow you down as you surf.

2 x 12 inches bonzer fins

The fact that these fins are smaller makes them ideal for creating ad maintaining your surfing speed. Because they are shallow and slender, they are able to cut through the surface of the water, promoting better hydrodynamics. They are also great for maneuverability and agility, so finding yourself atop a huge wave will be a walk (or surf) in the park.

Flat deck, Peaked nose

The flat deck on the bonzer surfboards allows them the capacity to float better. The peaked nose also means you do not have to worry about too much water resistance. This combination allows the water to sweep beneath the surfboard, and this, along with the larger center fin, makes bonzers great for massive waves.

Best Examples of Bonzer Surfboard

Bonzer 3D

Bonzer 3D
Bonzer 3D

Featuring a double concave design, this surfboard makes an excellent choice for both intermediate and pro surfers. This allows it great lift and traction for riding small and big waves with the same precision. Its side fins also come with a good deal of thrust, especially because they are mounted at an angle.

Mini Merk

Mini merk
Mini Merk

Because of its build and design, this 5-fin surfboard proves ideal for speedy surfing as well as short boarding. It is thick and is made using foam, a characteristic that makes it great for lift and stability. The extra fins give it excellent maneuverability as well as better hydrodynamics, and this is where the incredible speed comes from.

Speed Egg

speed egg bonzer surfboard
Speed Egg

This surfboard lives up to its name and is great for gliding and paddling. Because it has a considerably thinner nose, it is able to handle waves with better versatility and speed. Speed egg surfboards are available in three versions; Diamond or Swallow Tail, Round Pin, and Elevated Wing.


What is the height range of the Speed Egg surfboard?

This surfboard can be used by anyone who is 5’8 to 8’4.

Are there wooden bonzer surfboards?

Yes, there are, and they are just as good as their foam counterparts.

Final Thoughts

Even though they are not the most conventional surfboards, bonzers are great for when you want to surf those huge waves with a good deal of speed. They are available in multiple lengths, thicknesses, and shapes, and there is a wide variety from which to choose.


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