Surf Forecast Websites

Surf forecast chart

There are many tools available for the modern day surfer to predict the waves for a particular surf spot. Weather maps, buoy reports, 3D imagery, swell charts and wind maps all give valuable information about the upcoming surf. They are all free and very easy to use. You only need to know the basics of surf forecasting and … Read more

Guide to Surf Forecasts

surf forecasts

Making accurate surf forecasts nowadays is not so difficult. You just need to have a basic understanding of the conditions that generate and shape waves. Nowadays there are many surf forecasting websites that will give you plenty of information about future swell activity. If you know how to read these surf forecasts and know the … Read more

How to Read Waves

How to Read Waves

Knowing how to read waves is crucial for a surfer. Being able to read where the wave will break and anticipate in a constantly changing environment will make you surf more and longer waves. Identifying the right waves becomes easier with experience so keep your eyes on the ocean, and become a student of waves. Here are … Read more

How Waves Break

As discussed in our previous article wind is the most important factor in creating waves. The speed, duration and fetch of the wind determine the height of the wave but there are many different other factors that determine the rideability of the waves. The shape of the bottom of the ocean plays also a huge … Read more