How to Choose the Right Board Bag

Surfboard bags are useful pieces of equipment. They keep your boards free from unnecessary wear and tear and can save you money, time and stress.

Here’s a guide on how to choose the right board bag:


Make sure the bag is the right size for your board. You can buy a few inches up if you want a bigger board later or just like the extra space to protect your board with towels or a wetsuit. Ideally, the less it moves around the better. Some boards are wider or have a different nose shape so take your board to the store and double check if it fits.


If you travel a lot with multiple surfboards, it’s better to buy a travel bag which can carry two or more boards. Remember that you’ll probably need a day bag or sock to go to the beach since these bags are inconvenient to take to the beach. If you only plan to go to your local beach and/or travel with one board only, consider a travel bag suitable for one board.


Cheaper board bags don’t have lots of foam padding, usually 5mm if any at all. Check and squeeze the bag to see if it will offer enough protection. Buying a better, more expensive board bag could save you money in the long run.


A good corrosion resistant zipper is essential, so see if it is strong enough to last for a couple of years.


Some board bags offer a number of extra features like wax pockets, extra padding, ding repair kits, fin keys, nose and tail protection, padded carry straps etc. Pay close attention to the inside of the bag.

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