Common Mistakes With Surfboard Wax

Waxing a board is pretty straight forward as long as you know what you are doing and have the right tools. In our previous articles we have explained you the basics of surf wax and how to apply and remove it.

Here’s some tips on how to avoid common mistakes:


If you have cold wax and are going to surf hot water the wax will melt and become soft and slippery. You will lose all traction and fall off your board. The other way around is not so bad but on a cold winter day you will have a hard time putting the hard wax on.


Once you have sand in your wax your surfboard will feel like sandpaper. If you are not wearing a wetsuit you might scrape off the skin on certain parts of your body such as your belly, knees and nipples. Dropping a freshly waxed surfboard in the sand is the worst you can do so be careful. Also try to avoid getting sand on your wax bar.


Try not to wax a hot surfboard that has been laying in the full sun. The wax won’t stick very well. If possible try to wax in the shade.


Having wax on the bottom of your board disturbs the water flow so try to regularly check for bits of wax. Stacking boards on top of each other is the main reason why wax accumulates on the bottom. If you transport them on your car rack lay a towel in between. If you stack multiple boards against the wall, let the decks face each other.


Only wax the deck of your surfboard. Don’t wax the bottom and the rails and don’t leave any gaps. Rub it on about ¾ of the board, where your feet will be. No need to wax the nose of your board unless you do aerial maneuvers or ride a longboard. In that case cover the whole board.


Use the edge of your bar to apply wax but don’t put too much pressure. Make sure it’s a nice and even wax job with many small wax bumps. If you are holding it flat it will take you longer.


Fixing a ding with wax can be tempting but in the long run is really a bad idea. It makes it more messy and the permanent repair will be much harder to do. If you have an emergency use putty, sun cure, stickers or even duct tape but no wax.

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