How to Duckdive: Step by Step Tutorial

Duckdiving is the way a surfer dives under the oncoming waves to reach the line up where the best waves break. It is an essential thing for surfing and one of the hardest things to learn. If you want to surf bigger and better waves you will have to learn how to duckdive properly.

Here’s a step by step tutorial :


For a perfect duckdive you will need some forward momentum. Paddle a few strokes into the oncoming wave. The more speed the better.


When the wave is approximately one board away grab it by its rails and push it down with your arms as deep as possible. Fully straighten your arms and lean forward. Submerge your body after it.


Create as little resistance as possible by pushing down the tail of your board with your knee or foot. Try to flatten the body on the board so you and your board go as deep as possible.


When the wave passes pull on the nose of the board. Allow yourself to float up and get ready paddling as soon as you surface.

Try to execute these steps in a smooth motion. All steps should flow into each other. If done correctly it won’t require a lot of strength, just really good timing.

If you really want to learn how to duckdive practice as much as possible. You can do this in flat water, in small mellow waves or even in the pool.

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