How to Position Your Feet

Positioning and shifting your feet on a surfboard is critical. If done correctly, it will provide you balance, control and necessary speed. As soon as you stand up you want to have both feet firmly on your board, heels down.

Follow these tips on how to position your feet on a surfboard:


Your front foot should always be placed in the middle of the board, lengthwise and width wise. It should be placed on top of the surfboard stringer. It’s the anchor and it controls your board.

Most people end up with their stance too open on their surfboard. It means that you have your front foot faced forwards instead of to the side. Having it pointed sideways will give you more control and help your rail to rail surfing.


Your back foot should always be on the opposite side of the front fins. This is the sweet spot of the board and will give you maximum control. Traction pads are usually placed here so you can feel your way to the right position. If you want a quicker, sharper turn or adjust it for a surfing maneuver, slide your back foot a couple of inches towards the back. In advanced surfing both feet will be shifting slightly towards the front and back. You are basically constantly adapting for different situations. For more speed your feet will move forward, for quicker turns move them backwards. You could state that your front foot is your gas pedal and your back foot is the brake.

Try to experiment with shifting your feet and you will soon notice the benefits like easier maneuvers, more speed and sharper turns.

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