Learn to Surf Properly

Learning how to surf can be quite daunting and challenging. Surfing has no rules like football or tennis but there are some unwritten rules (the surf etiquette) that one should memorize. On top we have some other recommendations that will keep you and everybody around you safe and happy in the water.

Here are 10 things to consider:

1 DO learn the surf etiquette

These rules are designed to keep all surfers safe and happy. Memorize these rules.

2 DO ride the right board

Shorter, thinner boards don’t offer much control as longer and wider boards. Especially when you are a beginner, pick the right board to stand up and surf much sooner.

3 DO pick the right surfspot

Search for an easy, slow rolling wave, preferably beach break where you are less prone to injuries from rocks or other surfers.

4 DO respect the beach and the ocean

From taking care of your garbage to taking note of the currents and big waves. Respect the environment and treat it accordingly.

5 DO stay fit

Surfing is a physically demanding sport and it demands fitness. If you want to surf long hours and want to avoid injuries to knees, shoulders and back try to cross train when the waves are flat.

6 DO NOT surf alone

When you just starting out, it can be wise to take some surf lessons or surf with one or two friends. The ocean can be a dangerous place so stay close to your instructor or surfbuddies.

7 DO NOT bring your ego into the water

Share waves and don’t be aggressive to others. If you mess up, apologize and be friendly.

8 DO NOT forget to have fun

Focus on having fun and not of the number of waves you catch. Bring a positive attitude and you will catch more and better waves.

9 DO NOT use alcohol or drugs

Surfing under the influence is a bad idea. Your surfing won’t be much better and you run the risk of getting yourself or someone else in trouble.

10 DO NOT surf in waves you can’t handle

Surf in waves that you are comfortable with.  Once you progress you can go for the big, fast and hollow waves but for beginners these type of waves are asking for trouble.

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