Sharks And Surfers

Getting bitten by a shark is every surfer’s worst nightmare. The idea itself prevents many people from ever surfing. Sharks and surfers have to share our beautiful ocean but most surfers do not really worry about an encounter because it is extremely rare. It is statistically more likely you will get hit by a car on the way to the beach or die from a dog attack or allergic reaction.

The problem is that the media is paying a lot of attention to shark attack for surfers especially. The result is that we tend to make the threat greater than it actually is. Lately there has been a lot of attention on the shark cull policy in Australia and this has had a domino effect worldwide. Sharks have been all over the news lately and the images stay on our mind for a long time.

Nonetheless the fear exist deep within us and there is a very small, one in a million possibility, you will encounter that deadly predator from the ocean. People who swim and surf in the ocean need to be aware that dangerous animals are present and the best you can do to educate yourself about sharks and their behavior. This is the best way of reducing the chance of becoming a victim.

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