Skills for Surfing

Surfing is a great sport and probably one of the hardest technical and athletic activities out there. But through practice and passion you can achieve almost anything. Additionally, to become a great surfer you need to possess a few key skills.


Getting pounded wave by wave can really test your motivation when you begin to surf. If you are not determined to keep trying, surfing can be a very frustrating experience.

It’s a difficult sport so don’t expect to be making 360’s the first year. However, with practice and determination eventually you will start seeing progress and the rewards will be huge.


Balance is the key to surfing. Not only are you standing on a small surfboard but at the same time that board is moving through the ever changing ocean. Every wave is different and you must deal with the changing conditions every time. You need a strong core and strong legs.

Beach yoga
Beach yoga


Being flexible is essential for surfers. To get up on your feet every time takes quite some bending of your body. Start stretching and begin those yoga classes.


Surfers need a lot of upper body strength. Strong shoulders, strong arms and good firm chest muscles are necessary for plenty of paddling. Also a strong and healthy body will help you to recover faster from your battles with the waves. You will be less prone to injury and have more stamina.


To paddle constantly through whitewater, big waves and strong currents takes endurance. You have to be willing to push through pain and exhaustion if you want to keep riding waves all day. Determination and endurance go hand in hand and are key skills in becoming a great surfer.

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