How to Stay Fit

It is a myth that surfing is only for kids and teens looking for a thrill and hang out in the sun. Surfing is for all ages, no matter your gender, experience or fitness level. Once you start surfing there is a good chance you would like to surf as long as you physically can. To do this you need to put in extra training and preparation to cope with aching backs, brittle bones and shrinking muscles.

Here is a guide to help you surf till you are old:


Stretching is the way to keep all your muscles flexible and vital. A commitment to yoga, pilates or stretching has wide ranging benefits for your overall physical health. Before starting any exercise it is important to warm up. The body works more efficiently when you are warm and a good warm up can make an injury less likely. Also try to make a habit of a good post session stretch routine to get the contracted muscle groups back to their normal length. It will also help to alleviate potential soreness.


Besides surfing itself, swimming is probably the best exercise you can do for surfing. The front crawl requires the shoulders, back and triceps work together and push you forward, exactly like paddling. Swimming keeps your muscles flexible and soft and if you are serious about surfing till an old age it is wise to swim regularly.


A good strong upper body is essential for surfers. Strengthen the muscles you use when surfing with swimming, fitness or any other cross training. Focus on the shoulders, chest and neck muscles but do not forget the muscles in your back. This will help to cope with the muscular imbalances a many surfers have.


Your knees and lower back are important areas you need to keep stretching and moving to avoid problems later in life. Strengthen your lower body’s strength, stability and endurance with specific exercises and cross-training. Once you have a regular routine you will feel more flexible and stronger.



If you want to feel better, healthier and improve your performance in the water, there is no better tip than to take care of what you put into your body. Cut out or reduce food like alcohol, junk food and/or processed food and stack up on fruits, veggies and whole grains. You will feel better and your energy level will increase. Drinking lots of water should be on top of your list. After spending hours in the water it is important to always stay hydrated. Make a habit of drinking lots of water on a daily basis.

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