The Perfect Cutback

The cutback is a move you make when entering a flat section of the wave. Keep going down the line will result in a loss of speed so it is essential to turn to the most powerful part of the wave. Once you are there you turn again and continue surfing down the line. The surf cutback is a technical move and requires a lot of practice. If done correctly it can look amazing, effortless and stylish.

These are the basics of a perfect cutback:


It all starts with a good bottom turn. Apply good back foot pressure and drive up the face of the wave. You won’t have to go as vertical, try to aim for a 45-degree angle.


Once you are on the top part of the wave compress and make a T-position with your arms. Now start rotating the arms, upper body and hips. Stay compressed all the way through the 180-degree turn.

Make a full turn till your board is pointing towards the breaking wave. Once you have reached the pocket pivot on your back foot and keep racing down the line.


Don’t forget to fully rotate your head as well through the turn. Point it back towards the breaking wave so the rest of your body will naturally follow. Keep looking down the line will result in a half-decent cutback.

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