Surf Trip Tips

Going on a surf trip is a great opportunity to surf perfect waves, meet new people and indulge in a new culture. Being well prepared for your trip means you will surf longer and have much more fun along the way.

Here are 5 surf trip tips:


Bring your passport, driver’s license, emergency contacts, surfers insurance papers and details of the contacts you are visiting. Make sure you have printed copies of your boarding pass and visa and other essential documents. Do not forget to make copies of your prescriptions and be sure to let people at home know your itinerary.


Bring sufficient local money with you but do not keep it all in one place. Keep it close on your body when going out and stash it in a safe at your hotel or hostel. You could keep your money in a zip lock bag during surfing. Check if you need to pay tax when entering a foreign airport.


Do not take all your valuables when going out for a surf. Bring only what you need and stash away the rest in the safe. Keep your valuables guarded at all times so do not leave it lying in full sight in your car.


Travel light and inconspicuously. Flashing your money, valuables, jewelry or credit cards too much is a bad idea. Do not be obnoxious and respect the locals and their culture. Be friendly, smile and have fun.


Your surfing gear is the most important thing to bring on your trip. Take time to go over what you need and bring spares if you might need them. Protect your surfboard during transport.

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