Surfboard Bags & Covers

Surfboards are fragile things, so it is important to protect your board from dings and scratches. Whether you are travelling to your local beach or taking a plane to your next surfing destination, a good board bag is essential.

Here’s a guide to the most common surfboard bags & covers:


Surfboard day bags are for general day-to-day use and for home storage. They are light and cheap and don’t have a lot of (if any) foam padding. They are good for daily transportation and will protect against a lot of abuse. The handles and shoulder strap are convenient for short distance transportation. They’re used for one board at a time and are usually covered in a reflective material that keeps the board cool.


Surfboard travel bags, also known as coffins, are made for the travelling surfer. They are heavy-duty bags designed for travel on the road or on planes. They offer more protection because of their foam padding, usually between 5-10mm thick. They’re capable of holding one or more boards. Some have extra features like wheels, soft roof racks and tie-down straps. Not convenient for going down the beach, so pack a day bag or surfboard sock as well.


Surfboard socks are cloth bags and serve to protect your board from scratches, sun damage, UV-light and minor dings. Usually made from towel-like material and they come in a variety of colors and patterns. Usually around 2mm thick and can also be used to protect from stray flying pebbles when you are driving. Handy to have for going down the beach or as extra protection in your travel bag.

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