Surfboard Designs & More

If you are tired of your plain, boring white surfboard, there are many ways to breathe some life into it. Surfboard painting is a great way to pimp your surfboard but you can also airbrush it yourself or order cool surfboard designs at a laminates or sticker company. Preparation is key: so make sure you read the instructions on the bottom of this page and on the products you are using.

Here are 5 easy ways to create cool surfboard designs :


Posca pens are water-based markers that can be painted on all surfaces. Lots of skaters, snowboarders and surfers use it to color their boards. They are easy to use, cheap and are available in many colors.


If you know how to use it, you can make some stunning artwork with airbrush. You will need an airbrush, a compressor and some water-based tempera surfboard paint. The airbrush kits used to be quite expensive but nowadays they tend to be much cheaper.


Nowadays you can create your own surfboard designs and print your own decal or you can order surf laminates. Some claim that they enhance the surfboard’s strength. Check out companies like and


Surfboard stickers have been around for a long time. You can get them in any design, shape and size. Order them online or create your own. Just make sure you have thoroughly cleaned the area where you put your sticker.


Easy way to create some cool rough graphics on your surfboard. Get some good quality spray cans like Montana.


Before you start brushing, drawing or painting, always make sure to remove any wax, algae and dirt from your surfboard. You can do this with wax remover, mineral turpentine but there are many ways do this. Then wipe it with acetone until no traces of wax remain. Sand the surfboard to remove a thin layer of gloss coating so that the paint has something to stick onto. Get rid of the dust with a damp cloth and start painting. When you are finished spray it over with one or two layers of acrylic clear coat. This way the paint is protected.

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