Surfboard Ding Repair Guide

At some point in our surfing lives we will all need to do some basic surfboard ding repair. Whatever happens, always try to prevent water soaking into the core of your surfboard, even when it means you’ll have to leave the water. If you don’t have the time or don’t have access to the right tools for a more permanent repair, there are lots of products to do some quick temporary fixes. Once you have the time or right tools you can substitute for a more permanent repair. Remember to always read the instructions of the product you are using.

Here’s a list of products and fixes that can minimize further damage:


Cheap, quick fix and easy to use. Knead the clay-like material into the right shape and fill the ding. It hardens quite fast, even in the water. There are many different manufacturers but the most common are FCS, Solarez, Phix Doctor, The Quik Stik and Session Saver.


Sun Cure is a repair resin that is available for polyester and epoxy boards. The material hardens with exposure to the sun. Fixing a surfboard ding with Sun Cure is super easy and quick to do. Clean the ding and the surrounding area and apply the glue-like material on the ding. Place the repair in the sunlight and wait a couple of minutes. Most common brands are Ocean & earth, Solarez, Sun Cure.


There are many vinyl surfboard repair stickers on the market, but they will only keep the water out for a few surfs. They are handy to have in your board bag, but only use them in emergency. Make sure to clean and dry the area around the surfboard ding and apply the sticker. You could also try special surferstape, but make sure to peel it off after your surf and fix it properly. Try not to use Duct tape, Super Glue or surf wax to cover the ding. Of course it’s always better to avoid a surfboard ding repair so try to be careful when carrying or surfing your board.


A special surfboard ding repair kit is by far the best option to fix your surfboard ding. This fix takes longer, but it’s better and permanent.

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