Surfboard Fins

Surfboard fins come in all sizes and shapes and types of flexibility. Fins provide stability and maneuverability and help you to steer. By changing your fins you can change the performance of your board.

Here’s an overview of the most common surfboard fins:


Glass on fins
Glass on fins

Glass on fins are permanently attached to the surfboard. They are mainly used on older surfboard models. Glass ons offer greater structural strength and give better performance to the board, but most surfers won’t feel the difference that much. A big disadvantage is that they are easy to break, hard to repair and you cannot change your fins or your fin setup. Another thing to consider is that they are hard to travel with.


Removable surfboard fins (see featured image) are the most common used on surfboards today. They gained a lot of popularity because they were easy to use for shapers, surf shops and surfers. They make traveling easier and you can change your fins or fin setup for varying surf conditions or different performance. FCS and Futures dominate market but there are other fin systems as well.


Soft surfboard fins are designed with soft edges to protect the surfer from being cut by their own surfboard fins. Commonly found on beginner boards. They are not recommended for intermediate and pro surfers because they reduce the maneuverability and response of your surfboard.

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