Surfer’s Ear

Surfer’s ear is in every sense of the word a ‘surfing disease’. It develops inside the ear in response to the stimuli of cold water and the cooling effect of the wind. It means an abnormal bone growth, exostosis, within the ear canal, which can limit your hearing function or make you more prevalent to ear infections.

Nowadays more and more surfers surf all through the winter so it is important to be aware and take the necessary precaution.


Symptoms can be blockage & difficulty clearing ears of water, wax and debris. Also recurrent ear infections and decreased hearing and deafness.


A certified surgeon will chisel or drill away the newly formed pieces of bone. It can be quite an expensive operation ($15000 p/ear) so make sure you have the right insurance if you need to do the operation.


When you are going for a swim, dive or surf in cold water, make sure you wear ear plugs. When the water is very cold neoprene hoodie will help.

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