Surfers Travel Insurance

If you intend to go on a surf trip it is essential you get the right surfers travel insurance. There are many different types of insurances and insurance companies which offer these. Take your time in researching for the best offer. A perfect surf trip might turn from a dreamy to a dreadful event. In an instant you could become bankrupt if you have a serious emergency situation in a foreign country.

Here is a list of things to be included in your surfers travel insurance:


The most important part of your insurance for getting medical treatment. Note that surfing usually is considered as an extreme sport and is therefore excluded under the basic cover. Also check their policy when it comes to medical evacuation, air transport and dental emergencies.


Check if your policy covers surfboard damage. Luggage handlers usually do not care very much about your favourite stick. You will have to prepare yourself for the worst.

Flying surfboard
Flying surfboard


Airlines tend to lose your checked in baggage once in a while so be sure to include it in your insurance. Also check the airline policy at your arrival on missing luggage. Claim some money for the first needs.


Personal liability ensures you are covered if you hurt someone else.


if an emergency occurs or the airline cancels your flight you might get a full refund with the right insurance. Be aware that the airline is the first responsible in case of a cancellation.


If a country turns sour and you need to get out of the country asap. If you intend to travel to unstable countries be sure to prepare and research the right insurance. Check the travel advice of your country on these destinations. There are insurance companies who cater an insurance for surfers.

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