Surfing Tips for Beginners

Let’s face it, compared to the surfers we see on the internet or television, our surfing is pretty far off. That does not mean that we are not having fun but wouldn’t it be nice if we were  a little stronger in our paddling, faster in our turns and all would look a little more stylish.

Here are 5 surfing tips for beginners to improve your surfing and your overall physical and mental shape:


If you want to surf faster and stronger, there is no way you will able to achieve that without doing extra surf exercises. Cross training, weight training, intense cardio or even yoga for more flexibility and balance are great workouts for improving your surf fitness and surfing performance.


Surfing with friends is not only safer but it fosters a healthy competition. It pushes you to surf better and try out different techniques and moves.



Looking at footage of yourself can be quite confronting, but it’s definitely a good way to look at your mistakes and the things you can improve. You can study your turns, your arms and how you shift your weight. Also look at other surfers how they move and use their body. This is a great way to improve your surfing technique.


It’s good to push yourself beyond your comfort zone. Challenge yourself with different surfboards like Fish, longboards and Alaia boards. Also body surfing and bodyboarding can help you to feel and examine the waves better.


You can go a long way with a little bit of focus and some clearly defined goals. Try to practice the move that you are trying to learn over and over. May be take a surf trip to have access to more consistent waves and keep trying until you improve your surfing considerably. Then enjoy and set some new goals.

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