10 Tips to Get Fit & Surf Better

10 Tips to Get Fit & Surf Better

There are many different ways to improve your surfing performance. Of course the best way is to surf regularly but you can focus on other activities outside the water. Cross training or regular exercises are great for improving your stamina and endurance. Living a healthy lifestyle can increase your energy level and make you feel more positive and … Read more

Surfing Tips for Intermediate Surfers

Generating speed is key when you learn how to surf. At the core of staying in front of the breaking wave and every surfing maneuver, is surfing’s most important facet: speed control. Here are a few key surfing tips for generating speed and maintaining it: 1 WAVE SELECTION Different waves have different possibilities in riding them. The first step … Read more

How to Pop Up on a Surfboard

How to Pop Up on a surfboard

The Pop Up technique is the motion of moving from a paddling position to a surfing stance. This requires all sorts of skills; upper body strength, flexibility, strong core muscles and strong legs. When you are just starting to surf, it can be quite hard to get on your feet quickly on an unstable surfboard. So try to practice the Pop Up on land before you hit the water.

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