Surfboard Fin Set Ups

Surfboard Fin Set Ups

There are countless fin setup possibilities and each different setup changes the way a board responds and turns. Also the surface area of all fins affects the way the board feels. Lots of fin area provides more control and stability, less fin area gives the board more speed but less control. These are the most common fin … Read more

Surfboard Fins

Surfboard fins come in all sizes and shapes and types of flexibility. Fins provide stability and maneuverability and help you to steer. By changing your fins you can change the performance of your board. Here’s an overview of the most common surfboard fins: 1 GLASS ON SURFBOARD FINS Glass on fins are permanently attached to the surfboard. They are … Read more

Surfboard Fin Design Guide

Fin Design Guide

Fins have a huge impact on the feel, stability, drive and maneuverability of the board. If you are unsure about the performance of your board, experiment with different fins and different fin setups. In this guide we will give you some basic information on key terms: 1 FIN AREA The surface area of all fins combined affect … Read more