Can You Put a Surfboard in a Pool?

Can You Put a Surfboard in a Pool

Surfing is an extreme sport that requires high-level physical abilities and skills. The main requirement for participation in surfing is the ability to balance while standing on a surfboard with your feet spread apart. This challenge makes many people want to try something like putting a surfboard into a swimming pool or even just sitting … Read more

How Not to Duck Dive

duckdive mistakes

Duckdiving on a surfboard is not easy. Sometimes you dive too early or just not deep enough. If your technique is not perfect every time, the wave or whitewash will pull you back towards the beach and use a lot of your valuable energy. Energy you would better use for surfing instead. Here are 5 common mistakes when duckdiving: … Read more

Skills for Surfing

Skills for Surfing

Surfing is a great sport and probably one of the hardest technical and athletic activities out there. But through practice and passion you can achieve almost anything. Additionally, to become a great surfer you need to possess a few key skills. 1 DETERMINATION Getting pounded wave by wave can really test your motivation when you begin … Read more