How Surfboards Are Made

How surfboards are made

Surfboards are made from many materials and with a variety of tools. Foam, shaping machines, resin and lots of hours of hard work are put into the development and design of modern day surfboards. There are many types of different boards and ways to shape a surfboard. In this article we try to give you a general … Read more

Surfboard design (2)

In our previous article we described the most common design elements in surfboard shaping like length, width and thickness.  But there are more variables that take part in the design of a good surfboard. Here’s part 2 of our surfboard design overview: 1 FOIL The foil is the distribution of volume throughout the surfboard. If you put your … Read more

Surfboard Packing Tips for Flying

Surfboard Packing Tips for Flying

If you are traveling around the world looking for perfect waves, there is a good chance that you have experienced airline companies damaging your boards. In general luggage handlers don’t really care about your board so it is wise to properly pack and protect your favorite stick. Here are a few surfboard packing tips for flying : 1 HEAVY DUTY … Read more