How to Choose Sunblock

sunblock surf

A surfer’s skin experiences continuous exposure to the sun: directly or via the reflective water. Sunburns, skin damage and even skin cancer are real threats so it is important to protect yourself from the harmful damage from the sun. Consider these 5 things when buying a sunblock: 1 UVA/UVB PROTECTION Check if your sunscreen is protected against UVA and … Read more

Full Surf Travel Checklist

Full surf travel checklist

To help you prepare for your next surf trip we have compiled a full surf travel checklist of essential things to pack and things to consider: PAPERWORK Passport Visa Address book Emergency contact Credit card company Insurance Contacts for area you are visiting Prescriptions Photocopies of prescriptions, passport, license Spare passport photos Guidebook Maps Dictionary … Read more

Surf Trip Tips

Surf trip tips

Going on a surf trip is a great opportunity to surf perfect waves, meet new people and indulge in a new culture. Being well prepared for your trip means you will surf longer and have much more fun along the way. Here are 5 surf trip tips: 1 PAPERWORK AND CONTACTS Bring your passport, driver’s license, emergency contacts, … Read more