Tips for Budget Surf Trips

Getting the best deal for your money is not so difficult. You just need to do some research and be creative in the way you spend your money. If you do it right you can save a lot of money and turn one trip into multiple surf trips per year.

Here are some handy tips for budget surf trips :


The more flexible you are, the cheaper your flight will be. If you are flexible about your destinations and dates you can save a lot of money.


Budget airlines might have very low prices if booked well in advance. Check the ones which fly to your possible destination regularly.


For every item you buy there is usually a cheaper offer somewhere else. It is just a matter of proper research and comparison. Compare restaurants, hotels, flights and tours.


A great and cheap way to meet friends and stay with the locals. The best way to meet locals is


Maybe there are jobs you can pick up at your destination. There are also sites that are looking for people to do writing, editing or accounting jobs online. You can earn some valuable cash with your laptop on


Check sites like TripAdvisor or forums from Lonely Planet. Check the taxi and bus prices, compare the accommodation fees and make a budget for your daily expenses.

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