Training for Surfing

To become a better surfer you need to surf as much as you can. In the end it’s all about practice. BUT there is more than surfing you can do, that will help you stay fit and can turn you into a better, stronger and more stylish surfer. Additionally a strong and healthy body will help you to recover faster, you will be less prone to surf injuries and have more stamina.

You can do all sorts of training for surfing, like swimming or cross training. These are the 4 main areas you need to concentrate on for a strong and healthy body for surfing:


Surfers need a lot of upper body strength. Strong shoulders, strong arms and good firm chest muscles are necessary for plenty of paddling. Strengthen the muscles you use when surfing but also work on your muscular imbalances. For example work on the opposing muscle groups in your back.


The core is the base of your body’s strength. It refers to the muscles in your abs and back and their ability to support your spine to keep your body stable and balanced. Core strength plays a critical part on balancing you on your board since turns and surfing maneuvers involve a lot of twisting and rotating your body.


Being flexible is essential for surfers. To get up on your feet every time takes quite some bending and bounding. Also a warm, lose surfer is less prone to a muscle or joint surf injury than one who is paddles out cold. A commitment to yoga, pilates or stretching has wide ranging benefits for your overall physical health, not just your surfing performance. Stretching after a surf session is a great way to relieve some muscle tension.

Yoga for flexibility
Yoga for flexibility


It is important to train your core muscles, thighs, calves and feet. They help you balance on your board while performing your surfing maneuvers. Focus on increasing your lower body’s strength, endurance and stability with Bosu balls, balance boards, one legged exercises or even skateboards.

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